Ⅰ: How does your book strip differ from the 3M Tattle Tape security strip?

This is a "mature" technology; over 30 years old. Our quality is equal as we both use the same raw material in the manufacturing process. We both supply 6.5" of the magnetic material in the base strips. Our strip is more rigid as we supply more material on the strip to give it greater sensitivity in system response. Many libraries feel that this makes the strip application smoother and easier!

Ⅱ: What type of adhesive do we use to give permanent adhesion & protection to book and archival material?

Acrylic base adhesives that bond permanently; specifically for the library industry non-acidic adhesives which will not mark or damage the paper.

Ⅲ: Why would a library use our strip and not the brand name?

1) Our quality is equal to as we use the same raw material in the manufacturing process.
2) As a "generic" brand we are less expensive.
3) Convenience: easy to order- PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union, Wire Transfer.
4) All orders normally ship out within 5 working days by UPS, FedEx, DHL or TNT
5) Smaller quantity purchasing
6) Variety of Strips:

Single sided and double sided adhesive security strips
Programmable (deactivate/reactivate or Permanent (non-deactivate) security strips
Lengths: 6.5", 5" or customized


Ⅳ: Is your quality warranty policy?

Tags are guaranteed for the life of the item they identify.
2 years warranty for equipments and devices.