Library Desensitizer & Resensitizer (EM-500)

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EM-500 Library deactivator & reactivator is designed to activate (sensitize) or deactivate (desensitize) the library deactivatable EM security strips or EM tail tags attached to the library materials. The deactivation and activation modes can be chosen by a switch.

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  • Model: EM-500
  • Voltage: 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60 Hz
  • Max. effective activation height: 2~3cm
  • Max. effective deactivation height: 5~7cm
  • Working Mode: infrared intelligent intermittence
  • The deactivation process is triggered by IR sensors
  • While books or merchandise is returned, shift the switch to the "Activation" position
  • While payment is done for books or merchandises, shift the switch to the "Deactivation" position
  • Widely used for Libraries, Bookstores, Video stores, Movie Rental stores to deactivation and activation of EM Strips, Tail Tags and EM Labels
EM Book Desensitizer & Resensitizer

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