5" Security Strips, Single Sided - Deactivatable

100% of 100
125-SSA - Deactivatable
Magnetic strip length: 5"/12.5cm
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  • Single-sided EM security strip for spine insertion into books
  • Easily and quickly inserted into book spine with bayonet
  • Archival quality non-acid adhesive will not affect library materials
  • Can be turned "off" and "on" again repeatedly, retaining original effectiveness
  • Compatible with 3MTMGatewayTMDialoc Id®Checkpoint MetoTMSentry KnogoTM etc
  • Cannot be shielded by briefcases, backpacks, the human body or other common objects
  • Deactivatable
  • Packing: 1,000pcs/box

5″ EM Security Strips, Single Sided Adhesive

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